Listing boats for sale: 9 Engines (Outboard) For Sale

9 Engines (Outboard) For Sale

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"Yamaha 9.9 long shaft 4 stroke"
A very nice modern long shaft 4 stroke engine with full gearbox & separate tank. Ideal eor yacht, fishing boat etc.
"Mariner 20hp long shaft"
A clean & tidy Mariner long shaft all in very good running order & WITH remote control box & cables
"4hp Mariner Saildrive 4 stroke"
A modern very clean 4hp longshaft Mariner with full gearbox. All spot on. Ideal for yacht.
"Mercury 25hp long shaft"
A clean & tidy Mercury 25hp long shaft in good running order. Can steering & remote control cables
£ 495
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"Evinrude 4hp"
All in good running order it has a full gearbox & integral tank. Ideal tender, inflatable etc.
£ 250
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"Yamahar 2hp"
A decent lightweight 2hp ideal for dinghy or as back up for yacht, cruiser etc. Good ruuner.
"Mariner 4hp"
A clean & tidy Mariner 4hp standard shaft with integral tank & full gearbox. Ideal for tender and / or back up for cruiser etc.
£ 250
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A selection of good old Seagull engines always in stock. Silver Century long shafts from about £100. 40+'s from about £75
"A selection of small.outboards always in stock"
A selection of good used small hp outboards always in stock