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14 Sailing Dinghies & Day Boats For Sale

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12ft varnished clinker day boat
LOA: 12' 0" . 0 Berths
This is a little gem ! She is like new throughout & comes with a lug rig with tan sails, fitted cover, all brass fittings & the
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Reserved£ 4,950
Mayland Escort 18ft day boat
LOA: 18' 0" . 0 Berths
This is a very attractive day boat by the Mayland factory. She has a inboard Volvo diesel, custom trailer, fitted cover etc.
Freedom class classic day boat
LOA: 16' 0" . 0 Berths
This is a lovely varnished strip plank carvel bay boat with a classic gaff rig, custom trailer & launching facility.
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Star Buy!£ 2,950
"Fiddlers Green"
Caledonian Yawl double ended day boat
LOA: 19' 0" . 0 Berths
This is an unusual & very attractive double ended clinker ply yawl rigged day boat with a trailer, outboard & lots of gear.
Nutshell class dayboat
LOA: 10' 0" . 0 Berths
A very pretty Nutshell clinker dinghy with tan sail on the lug rig, fitted cover, all round rope fendering & a trailer / trolly.
"Even Keel"
Laser Stratos Keel fast dinghy No 755
LOA: 16' 2" . 0 Berths
A very nice example of these performance dinghies with a fitted cover, trailer / trolly combo & all her racing rig.
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Star Buy!£ 1,950
Twinkle 12 classic clinker day boat
LOA: 12' 0" . 0 Berths
One of the much loved Twinkle 12ft clinker day boats with a good trailer, fitted cover, anchor etc & a Bermudan rig.
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£ 1,950
Walker Tideway 12ft day boat
LOA: 12' 0" . 0 Berths
Another of these gorgeous little day boats with all her gunter rig, fitted cover & a good road trailer. All OK & ready to sail.
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£ 1,950
Classic clinker sailing dinghy
LOA: 14' 0" . 0 Berths
She has a fitted cover, buoyancy bags etc. Can be rowed & has lots of seating space, A comfortable, easily handled day boat
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£ 1,450
Houdini classic designed lug rig day boat
LOA: 13' 5" . 0 Berths
An attractive & unusual balanced lug rigged GRP sheathed day boat with a custom trailer, various gear & a Mariner o/b
RS Quba performance dinghy
LOA: 11' 6" . 0 Berths
A very fast A.B.S 3 layer comptec PE3 hull sailing dinghy with trolly, fitted cover & all her racing rig. All new 2011 & ready t
"What a Lark"
Lark class sailing dinghy
LOA: 13' 0" . 0 Berths
These are fast fun dinghies. She has all her rig & sails & a decent trolly. All OK but could do with a freshen up hence so cheap
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Star Buy!£ 295
Puffin Pacer
LOA: 13' 0" . 0 Berths
A fast family dinghy all in very good order with a bermudan rig with spinnaker & chute & a trolly. She needs a tidy up now.
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Cheap fun at only£ 195
Mirror class sailing dinghy
LOA: 10' 10" . 0 Berths
Another of the ever popular Mirror dinghies with all her rig, a fitted Mirror cover & a launching trolly. She needs some TLC.